Photo shoot … snicker … snicker

So when G. returned from a week long work retreat he was met with an excited exclamation of ‘You’ve been appointed fashion photographer for Thimble & Threads’! A look of incomprehension spread over his face and you could tell he was quickly racking his mind for previous conversations that put him and fashion photography in the same sentence. Nothing came to mind and as he closed the front door he said ‘Huh?’.

Hmmm I guess he was too busy putting a halt to climate change to see all the development on FB – namely that I had decided to start blogging, open an etsy shop and most importantly had appointed him co-creative director and lead fashion photographer!

I let him take off his shoes and  put his bag down before I regaled him with our now very creative future!

I explained all my ideas – we were going to photograph three outfits and for each I had a specific location in mind. And over the next few days he displayed neither enthusiasm, nor the fatal disdain.  So yesterday when I actually got out of bed at a sensible time and started getting things ready, he hesitantly suggested that it look like it might rain and hadn’t we best wait for a nice sunny day? I suggested that living in the Netherlands, we could wait a long time and as an Englishman I expected him to be able to handle a little rain – we’d just take the umbrella and incorporate rain into the shoots. We were going to have fun goddammit!Image

So with a flask of coffee and a bag of assorted licorice in hand (plus the umbrella of course) we set out!  First we were photographing a lovely creme blouse that I am about to put up on etsy. Here’s a sneak peak.

I quickly realised that you can’t be creative director and model, and had to leave my bossy boots in the panniers. G. quickly took to his role and while in an apparent  mimic of what photographers say in the movies ‘Give me sarky’, ‘Oh yes, that’s it’ and ‘Perfect dahling’ – he was loving it! It was turning out to be a bit of a lark!

I had one nervous costume change in the bushes, not that it would have raised many eyebrows, we are in Amsterdam after all.

We did some playful shots of my ‘It tastes like summer’ dress on the end of a metal pier in the lake, which with the wind was quite fun! By the second change I was feeling much bolder ! The last locations was brilliant: a huge parking lot with one large wall covered in the most brilliantly colored graffiti which will feature in an upcoming post.

I went into the photo shoot having wild fantasies of developing a gymnast’s abilities to hold wild poses, G.’s photography skills would overcome our technical deficiencies (we only have a little Samsung L600 ie a pocket camera), and the sun would break through the clouds at the right times –  all of which would combine to produce truly stupendous photos which would catapult my career from amateur seamstress into a universe where not only did everyone want to wear my clothes, they wanted to have me style them, model for them and my talented husband to photograph them. Errr … right … well I did suggest in the title of this blog that some snickering would be required.  If we were in a studio somewhere the ‘applause’  sign would light up saying ‘snicker’. About the closest I got was swinging on the pier railings.SL272038 Which did have a danger component – should I have lost my grip at the wrong time I would have ended up in the drink. But still.

See as we proceeded I became more aware of our limitations – I was not going to be able to do a handstand on the railings of the fantastically blue and orange little bridge, wearing green shorts that would look so fantastic shot at a distance.

Which is why I was a little shocked when G. suggested that I do a handstand against the wall in the parking lot. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to, it would look awesome. But I can’t. That’s when G. suggested that I could somehow get down onto the ground and wiggle my way up into a handstand. He then proceeded to demonstrate for me. While the below photo shows he didn’t quite manage it, but it still looks pretty cool  and provided a glorious amount of entertainment (and I nearly peed myself laughing as he wiggled his way into this position).

ImageIt turned out to be pretty fun and G. is now about as keen as me to go on photo expeditions as we now refer to them!

But on a slightly more serious note … gosh that sounds like I’m about to say my kitten just died and I’m sewing a shroud. Err ok, lets try that again shall we.  On a slightly different track, I am interested in people experience photographing fabric and clothes. I love the glow the evening sun gives people and clothes but its not always reliable. After a quick google of ‘how to photograph fabric’ I did get a few basic do’s and don’t. From photo tuts+ I learned that direct light on the fabric will reduce the textures and side light will bring them out. Maybe basic for most people but I had no idea. But other than that I didn’t find out much that was too helpful.

What tricks do you have for photographing fabric or clothes?


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