Seams … or actually … mistakes

So I was going to write a really lovely blog about seams. But then I made a mistake on my dress … that’s OK … it can be incorporated into the blog about seams (cause its a mistake involving a seam you see).

Then I made another mistake.

And another.

And all of a sudden my blog all about seams was dominated by one mistake after another. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something – so here’s a blog about mistakes instead.

Mistake number 1: always cut on the fold when indicated.

Yes its true I confess I failed to do so. In my defense it said ‘Cut on fold’ in the centre of the pattern piece – not on the actual line. But then again this is perhaps the third time I’ve made this particular dress, so you’d think I’d sussed that one out by now. So I’ve got a seam up the front of my dress skirt. But that’s OK, its a lively print and isn’t too noticeable (this is what I keep repeating to myself).

Mistake 2: well its not really a mistake so much as misplacement

My zipper went off on an adventure and failed to inform me. So in the half hour break from writing stupid job applications when I excitedly rush to my sewing corner in anticipation in the next step of my dress (and now actually there is only 28 minutes cause I had to pee on route) I am faced with no zipper. Huh. OK  a search reveals another zipper.

  • Its a normal zipper not an invisible zip (which is a shame cause I recently discovered invisible zippers  – I was scared of them before – and don’t want to go back to a centered zipper). Solution: get over it – and put your new Sewing Handbook  to work looking for tips on putting it in.
  • Its too long. Solution: cut it.

So I hand baste it in, sew it all up and damn if it ain’t the finest zip I’ve put in in a long time.  That is until I make mistake 3.

Mistake 3:  forgetting that I had cut the zip and pulling the head right off the end.

Umm yep, I did it. I zipped the dress up and pulled the head right off the end. Shit-f*ck-damn.

I am currently stuck on mistake 3 and taking a break from swearing alternatively at my zipper and my not so nibble fingers and wishing I had someone to blame other than me (like the cat – not that I have a cat). So yep, that’s me and what I’m doing. Trying to feed a zipper head back onto a zipper. So far the tutorials I’ve watched online aren’t helping much.

Got any tips for me so I can get back to it? I mean how many more mistakes can I make right?

Despite having posted this just moments ago I realised that I was tempting fate with my last statement and have indeed managed once more mistake:

Mistake 4:  getting zipper head back on

But upside down.

What silly mistakes have you made?


3 thoughts on “Seams … or actually … mistakes

Add yours

  1. ouch! It sounds like a bad day all around. Silly mistake I made? JUst the other day, I carefully figured out how much longer to make a skirt in the back, pinned the piece, marked the extra length, cut it out, pinned the front, adjusted the width, was cutting it out when I realized it was the back, I had made the front longer, and now I have to decide if anyone will notice if I just spin it around and make the front the the back and vice versa. Not enough fabric to recut the back piece. Sigh.
    As for your zipper – I know you will sort it out and it will be lovely. But if there is a next time, trim the excess from the bottom, joined end of the zipper, and just stitch across it several times to keep it closed – then the pull won’t come flying off, and the seam will keep it from separating at the bottom.


    1. Oh dear! Its amazing the things we can end up doing!

      Thanks for the tip about trimming from the bottom – I’ll give that a go next time. I ended up just picking it out last night and will start again today.


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