Productive Sundays

I was going to call this post ‘making Christmas Presents’ as that was what I was going to spend spend the next few days (or evenings) doing. But oh no. Today became Productive Sunday, and I am feeling smug.

The ironing board cover has long been the bane of my sewing. A now grotty cow print cover that doesn’t seem to fit and has driven me nuts for far longer than I care to admit – has now been replaced by a lovely snug fitting blue cover. Yesterday I at last bought the elastic required and this morning I raided the linen drawer and claimed a bed sheet for my purposes. 10 minutes later (I kid you not) I had a brand new, pretty ironing board cover!

With this done, I was galvanized to really get going on some of the Christmas Presents I’ve been wanting to make. First up: Butterick B5354. It’s another favorite of mine – loose fitting with pleats and tucks. I’ve dug deep into my fabric cupboard and found a lovely floral jersey I had actually bought with this Christmas Present recipient years ago. We both loved it and I bought enough then, with this very shirt in mind, to make us both one. But it got put to the side, then the bottom, then disappeared entirely as other exciting sewing projects jostled for my attention.

I tried a few different techniques today – all of which I’m pretty happy with as they saved me time and have resulted in a dam good project if I do say myself.

First of all I ventured away from pinning the pattern to the fabric and instead opted for using weights (in this case books and jars) which worked a treat.I’ve felt that on a few of my last projects I have been inadvertently distorting my fabric shape while trying to pin.  No distortion this time and it was soo quick.

Yesterday while I was out, I also got myself a snazzy fabric pen (first time I’ve used one) and especially with this pattern being able to mark all the pleats and tucks instead of pinning was a life saver and in the end I think led me to be much more accurate.  I also worked out that when bringing my tucks together, buy inserting a pin through the lower mark, I was able to make the lines more accurately and quickly.

I also used for the first time my new pinking shears (of what joy). I love that I can make the seams etc look cute or at least neat.

But perhaps most exciting was that I finally figured out what a certain set of the instructions were really on about. In previous versions, on instruction 6 “Pin front neck facing to front at shoulders over back, having raw edges.”  This has before completely stumped me, I had no clue what they hell they meant. But somehow today staring at the instructions,the picture and my fabric I finally got it. As as a result the inside of my shoulder looks much nicer!

And adding to my productive Sunday smugness I manged to finish the shirt in just one afternoon! Wahooo.


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