Snug as a bug in a rug

The 2nd Monday of December I came into work to find a fantastic ‘meeting request’ entitled Knitting Fridays Are Backkkkkkkkkk. Brilliant. In my office people get together on their lunch breaks or after work in various ‘clubs’ yoga, pubs and now knitting!

There was still enough time before Christmas that I figured I could whip up a new scarf for G. The previous one I knitted for him two years ago was sadly eaten by moths. And when I say eaten, I don’t mean there were a few holes in it, I mean there was only a few random bits of it left, to allow us to identify it.

As soon as I got the ‘meeting request’ I went and saw Excellent E., she who sent out the invite and is an avid knitter. She told me about Loop,  a fantastic knitting shop in Islington where I could get some wonderful, mind blowing wool. Now G. is well stocked in various things in blue and I’ve been trying for years to encourage him to diversify in color. I figured this was my chance to give him a nudge by finding a glorious non blue wool that would open his eyes to the rest of the rainbow. That was until I found the perfect blue wool that is just his color. SO much for diversifying.

Ultra Alpaca, Chunky, Berroco – 50% super fine Alpaca and 50% Peruvian wool (color 72181)

We also arranged a knitting date for the weekend. Because here’s the thing, I can’t actually really knit. I’ve only ever made two scarfs before and these were rather basic, catastrophes (it may be that G. purposefully has been feeding his last scarf to the moths because it was so terrible).

So Excellent E. and I met up in our local pub on the Saturday (13 days before Christmas) to knit (or rather have her show me how to cast on and practice). At her suggestion I decided to do knit and purl, 4×4, so that I’d get what would look like mini squares.  For the next two weeks I took my knitting into work to have Excellent E help me fix whatever mistakes I’d made in my previous evening’s knitting. I had yet to learn how to pick-up a dropped stich or figure out how to undo a few rows to fix a problem. But I was making progress and was sure I’d be done for Christmas, I took my knitting to cafes to meet friends, to Christmas choral services and on the bus. I wasn’t much company as I had yet (as still have not) mastered the ability to count and talk to people.

Then I found out my dear friend, who I’ll call Amazing A.. would be coming to ours for Christmas (just two days before moving to Scandinavia).  And of course I had to make him a scarf too (or rather I decided on a snood actually). He had seen me knitting G.’s and been very complimentary and as I won’t get to see him often it seems the perfect way to send him off with a perpetual hug (or wringing his neck depending how you want to look at it). So back to Loop I went.   Amazing A. likes subtly, he’s sauve and cultured. I  wanted to make him something that wouldn’t stand out as ‘home made’ but fit in with whatever amazingness he found himself in. I found a lovely pure merino ‘super wool’ in Natural. Which like G.’s I did in a knit and purl, 4×4.

Now the clock was really ticking, one scarf to finish and one snood to start and it was five days before Christmas. The weekend before Christmas I spent knitting. When with G. I knitted Amazing A.’s snood.  When with Amazing A. I knitted G.’s scarf.I was on the verge of developing bed sores I’m sure.

G. loved me spending the weekend knitting as it meant I had no problem with him watching most of Season 5 of the Good Wife (as I had already seen it, so was happy to have it on in the background).

Amazing A.’s snood was finished two days before Christmas. And was if I do say so myself pretty amazing. Here he is on Boxing Day taking a stroll on Hampstead Heath looking dashing in it.

Now G.’s was very nearly ready for Christmas but it fell a few rows short so I just decided to put my last ball of wool in his stalking with a note saying ‘TBC’. I finished knitting it for him over our holiday in Whitby so he had it in time for cold, blustery walks on beach and moors of North Yorkshire.

Hence my third New Year’s resolution to knit a cardigan. Its a bit far fetched but with Excellent E.’s help I’m sure it will happen. So here’s to knitting, may everyone be as snug as a bug in a rug this winter.


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