Autum/Winter wardrobe wish list

This started out as my Autumn/Winter wardrobe planner. But I got a bit carried away, so it has become a wish list. Some of the patterns and fabric I already have, so I just need to get a move on; some I don’t have or even know what exactly it is I want (but I have a blurry image in my head). A lot will depend on finding the exact right fabric (not to mention budgetary constraints).

But in the interest of sewing things I really want/need, I thought I would chart it all out. No more frivolous sewing projects that get relegated to the back of the closet for me! I’m sewing with purpose now! Or until the next whim takes my fancy. I may need a new actual wardrobe, if I get through even half of these.

Laurel, by Colette

I love the Laurel dress, with lining (plus some good tights), it makes a great winter dress. I love throwing it on cause it’s easy and comfortable but looks so good. I already have the pattern and fabric. I plan to make two of them with fabric I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching show in the spring.

Cardamone dress, Deer & Doe

Have you seen Deer & Doe’s new patterns? I got an email two days ago and two days ago ordered myself the Cardamone dress. I love it though am a little intimidated by it. Just waiting for it to arrive. But I do have some good fabric in maroon to test it with (and hopefully make a wearable muslin). I then need it in black and dark green.

Amazing Fit Slim Trousers, Slimplicity

The reviews of these are really good and I’ve been really impressed by people’s version of it. I’ve decided I need a few pairs of these to be staples in my new wardrobe – black and royal blue. But I need to get the pattern first and find the exact right fabric ….

Ginger, Colette Patterns

While I already have Ginger and have made it twice out of some lovely prints, I want one or two versions in simple block colors, so that I can pair it with some of my cute (yet under utilized) printed blouses. Perhaps in black and blue again?

Sophie cardi, Muse Patterns

I need this pattern in my life! Several of them – on both block colors like this lovely aubergine and cute prints – I’m in love with Birch Fabric‘s knit range. I practically live in cardigans but very rarely find the exact style/color/fabric I like (or can afford) in the shops.

Cabernet Cardigan, SBCC

I desperately need this cardigan (with old man elbow pads). I have neither the pattern nor the fabric – but I want one in every color of the rainbow!  Where do you like getting knits for in the UK?

Ladyshorts, Cloth Habit

I just downloaded the free pattern for Ladyshorts and ordered myself some fabric to test run them. I plan to make a million pairs of these beauts starting with some in back poka dots with orange lace.

Robson Coat, Sewaholic

I won this pattern in #IPM2015 and just need to print it off. I really want it out of this Safari Drill from Cloth House as I think it would make a lovely fall/spring coat….. Best get a move on eh? Or I’ll be dreaming about winter coats instead.

Carolyn Pajamas, Closet Case Patterns

I so need these pajamas. Desperately. I have neither the pattern nor fabric (but I have identified the fabric I want). I may never get dressed again after I make these

Fehr Trade – the entire line?

I really really want to make my own cycling and climbing clothes. Especially the Surf to Summit top (it has thumb holes!), the Duathlon Shorts (think capris with chevrons down the size in neon!) and the XYT Workout Top.

Then of course  there are all the things I have designed in my head: various blouses, coats, skirts etc. And trying to use up my  fabric stash which may require other patterns… Scrap needing a new wardrobe I am gonna need a walk in closet, a larger wallet and alot more free time.

A girls got to dream right?


6 thoughts on “Autum/Winter wardrobe wish list

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  1. Some great new pieces there. I’ll watch with interest, your trousers. They are the one thing that I’ve never made but where all the time for work. Finding rtw trousers that fit and are both flattering and comfortable is a challenge at the best of times. So conquering trousers would be great.
    Love the plaid you have lined up for your pjs


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