New sewing machine!

IMG_3002At the end of January I will have, at last, paid off my student loans. To celebrate I planned on buying a brand new sewing machine. But I couldn’t not take advantage of the post Christmas sales. So I’d like to introduce you to Bernie my wonderful (slightly intimidating) Bernina 380 which I got from the Sewing Centre.

IMG_3014I have for the last 6 years been sewing on a Toyota FSR21 which has done me well. It was probably the best birthday present I ever received and has earned G. many brownie points. She still works just fine  – although temporarily I am using pliers to change the stitching while I wait for a new stitch dial to be posted to me. But I long out grew her – we’re at a point in our relationship were she holds me back. But I’m sentimental cause she’s been such a good one so I’m not sure what I’ll do with her now.

My new machine (which the manual disconcertingly refers to as a sewing computer) is … I don’t even know where to start. I feel like a child that its so excited she’s unable to finish a single sentence, and trips over each thought in a rush of exuberance. Oh the plethora of stitches. The memory function. The auotomatic buttonholes. The speed control. And AUTOMATIC THREADING? I am in pure wonder at this machine’s (I refuse to refer to it as a computer) capability. And quite a bit daunted.


Bernie came with all sorts of gadgetry including seven presser feet (and I got three more free in the sales that apparently Bernina will now post to me!) plus a walking foot which looks like a very disturbing instrument of torture. Dare I confess that I’m not even sure which is the ‘normal’ one? I mean they all got fancy pants names but none of them say ‘ normal’ do they? I’m just going to have to slowly explore, wish me luck….



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    1. Ohh Stella’s a great name. You have a 380? How long have you had her? I feel its like buying high heels in the charity shop when you’re a kid – not only do you have a lot of growing to do to fit them, you also have to learn to walk in them.

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      1. My husband was kind enough to surprise me with a 560 for our anniversary last May. (He knew exactly which shop to go to, and what machine to look for, how do you suppose that happened? haha)
        Great charity shop analogy, it’s quite perfect. I sewed on my mom’s Bernina (don’t remember the model #) all through high school and college, but wow, this is a whole new game with their electronic super machines. We will be learning together! 🙂

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      2. Hahaha brilliant. I sewed on a Singer as a kid and then nothing till my husband got me the Toyota. I swore for years I’d never get an electronic one but oh my they are lovely! Yea for learning!


    1. I know – I think there is 115 stitches? Most are decorative and I admit I’ve never felt a need for decorative stitches – but I’m thinking elaborate pockets is the way to go to utilize them all!

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