For the love of underwear

I love underwear. When I was younger, my sister would sometimes take me underwear shopping went I went to town to visit her. It was always an extra amazing visit when we went underwear shopping. When she’d go someplace new she’d send me a pair she bought in whatever city she was in.  And as I grew up and started travelling, I’d send her a pair.  From Ethiopia to  Sri Lanka, she’d get whatever underwear I could find. Paris was the best – she got a pair of red, PVC hotpants.

Its amazing how expensive underwear can be however. I mean it sometimes seems that the smaller the bits of fabric are, the more they can charge. So I was really excited to find that it is actually cheaper to make my own. Suffice to say, that last year when I made my first pair of underwear, using the Rosy Ladyshorts pattern from Cloth Habit – I made my sister (and BFF) an identical pair.

I still had quite a bit of the two way stretch jersey I used, so I decided I’d make a few new pairs  each with a different lace trims. While shopping for lace trim over at Gypsy Lace, I got  a little carried away and ended up buying some lovely lace to make a few  all over stretch lace too. Which I think looks pretty damn cute.

The Rosy Ladyshorts are really quick to sew – about 50 minutes from start to finish. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Most of that is spent on attaching the trim to the leg holes and waist. I really love this pattern – they’re super comfortable and I love how they look on. I’ve made these in size 6.

I also decided to be adventurous and bought myself the Kingston thong pattern from Orange Lingerie. My supplies came from all over the place: I got the power mesh from Tia Knight, the lace from Gypsy Lace, and the lingerie elastic from Macculloch and Wallis.This was a bit more of a  challenging pattern  than the Rosy Ladyshorts and on my first pair (the one with white lace) I really struggled to sew with the power mesh as it didn’t like to feed through my machine nicely. As a result it feels like where I added the lingerie elastic is a bit stretched out of shape. Giving it a good steam helped but obviously didn’t make it 100% perfect.But practice makes perfect and my 2nd pair came out much easier  (and quicker – in the end it took about 75 minutes to sew them up start to finish. I’ve got the mesh and lace to made a few other pairs in black and green etc. But I’m itching to start my next project.

I made the Kingston thong in size medium as that perfectly matched my measurements  – fit wise its perfect. It’s really comfortable and quite flattering.



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