2nd pair of Sasha trousers

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Sasha trousers, I had a 2nd classic stretch twill from Style Maker Fabrics  in my stash in ‘Nautical’ blue and was really excited about having a pair in this color.   While I made size 12 last time with quite substantial adjustments, I thought it may be worth sizing down for this pair, so this time I decided to try size 10.

My immediate thought when I tried on the trousers with legs and waist band basted, was wow that is much better than last time and my butt looks great! There are still a few dragging lines under the crotch and a few horizontal lines of fabric bagging under the bum. The major problem remains from the knees down.

So the first thing I did was a low seat adjustment and took 1/4″ of the front seam. This worked well enough – it’s not perfect, but its probably as good as I’ll get it. The seat adjustment also helped a little with the awkward baggyness at the knees and below but not enough. Looking at Closet Case common adjustments, I can’t quite see my issue reflected in the commons suggestions. After percolating for a few days, I decided to take the legs apart and redo them based on the Ginger Jeans cut. This of course doesnt work for the crotch due to shaping, but overall helped greatly with the lower leg issue.

In the end I couldn’t make it as perfect as I’d like and because I’m not really sure how to make it better, I probably won’t make this pattern for a third time. I love the details on this pattern -the back darts and the welt pockets, but the niggling fit issues, means next time I need some work trousers I may do a little hack job on the Ginger Jeans (and of course use some good quality stretch twill).  I also probably wouldnt make the size 10 again for the Sasha trousers if I were to make them again: it looks great for sure, but its just too damn small in practice!

Project 3 of 5 – using scraps, remnants and/or stashed fabrics, before purchasing anything new.

3 thoughts on “2nd pair of Sasha trousers

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  1. Love reading about your sewing adventures.

    Being older and on the fluffy side now, clothes don’t fit the way they should, in turn makes the body look worse than they should. You have inspired me to start tailoring my purchased clothes.

    I hate spending a bunch of money on pattern, materials etc. To discovered that the style is not for me, so I stopped making my own clothes. Perhaps I will be brave enough again, and try again.

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    1. Ah thanks Jackie! It’ definitely worth tailoring your purchased clothes. I agree with you that is it so demoralising to have spent time and money on making a new garment to discover the style doesnt work. I now try to do alot of research first, looking at various people’s blogs and instagram photos before I decide to try a new pattern.

      And also just being more honest with myself about what I like to actually put on in the morning. I can come up with grand ideas which would look lovely on someone, but just not me.


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