Chemise Eddy

I’m not really a ‘ruffle’ sort of person, so it was quite uncharacteristic that I was attracted to the Eddy blouse  from Mimoi patterns. But I really loved the versions I was seeing on Instagram and the ruffle somehow seems understated.  I put off making it for quite a while however, partly to see if my love of the ruffle was a passing whimsy or a new-found sartorial staple, and because the pattern is only available in French. Plus the pattern is designed for a B cup and I wasn’t sure how I’d go about doing a FBA with this design.

After making my gorgeous Fulton Sweater Blazer however, I decided I needed to take some risks and step outside my comfort zone. I already was picturing to versions of the Eddy blouse (vs B and vs C) with fabric from my stash, so I’m guessing it’s not a whimsy.  Plus I figured I’ve made enough shirts by now that it should be pretty intuitive and maybe my lack of French won’t be an obstacle….

On the latter, I must say not being able to read the instructions didn’t really pose any problems for actually sewing the shirts, but my lordy did I find putting the PDF pattern together and recognising pattern pieces quite a challenge.

I decided to start with version B and I dutifully made a muslin – I am very glad I did! My measurements match size 42 perfectly but as I mentioned above its designed for a B cut which meant I got some serious ill fitting above the bust.  You can see in the photo below on the left so how bad. However,  with a little bit of creative pinning (middle photo) I figured I’d be able to use the design line of the ruffle to create a dart. And you know what? It worked perfectly (photo on the right). And actually I love how the ruffle is tapered!

Eddy blous mock ups vs 1 & 2

This however drastically altered the shape of the armhole which required redrawing. Plus upon further testing, I decided I needed to go down a size for the sleeve as well. All-in-all a very informative muslin and definitely worth the time.

I made the proper version out of this blue Swiss dot fabric I’ve had in my stash for so long, I can’t remember where or when I got it. And I’m so pleased with how the front ruffles look (especially with the dart). I really took my time while sewing – basting then using my serger to ensure that the fit was still working (especially after so many changes).

However by focusing so much on fit, I neglected to interface the button plackets until I’d already sewn them on. Luckily my buttons (also from my stash) are pretty lightweight and don’t seem to distort the front. I don’t normally wear shirts buttoned all the way up, but with this pretty brass button at the top, I rather like the look.

Plus I made myself a matching scrunchie hair bow out of the scraps – this one was before I perfected the size, so the ends are a bit longer than I’d like.

Project 5 of 5 – using scraps, remnants and/or stashed fabrics, before purchasing anything new.

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