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Lago Tank

5 Jun

A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful pile of fabrics on Raystich’s Instagram account. I especially liked one of the fabrics: a cream organic cotton knit.  The softness, color and design reminded me of childhood undershirts (not that I was ever posh enough to have organic undershirts). And so yesterday, while shopping purely for thread, I thought I’d have a quick little peak at the fabric. And somehow 1 metre of it ended up coming home with me. Oppps.

I knew I wanted a tank top/undershirt of some sort and was pleased to stumble across Itch to Stitch’s FREE PDF Lago Tank. I’ve  blended sizes: size 4 for the armholes/straps, size 6 for the bust, back to size 4 for the waist and again out to 6 for the hips. I’m not sure whether it was the recovery/stretch of the fabric or the ultimate fit of the top, but I’m certainly glad I didnt choose a bigger size! But I’m pretty pleased with it – it’s not going to rock the world of fashion or anything but it’s comfortable! I think it will make an ideal tank top for wearing on lazy weekends or under button down shirts (which can be then stripped off in the sun!).







16 May

Seeing as I had the Bonnie top pattern still out, I thought I’d quickly whip up one more. This time out of a lovely jersey (I think 95% cotton 5% elastane) I bought last year at Raystich. My me-made wardrobe doesn’t have many plain tops but that’s what I often reach for on lazy days. They’re also handy for putting together me-made outfits.

I’m really pleased with how the top turned out and love the color.

Bonnie Top

13 May

I really love the Bonnie Top from Blue Ginger Doll and my previous versions in yellow and crazy geometric print get worn a lot. Because it is such a comfortable top I often reach for it in the morning, but at the same time I think it looks ace and often wear them out in the evening. So it was Bonnie I had in mind when Dragon Fly fabrics had a little sale in November and I purchased this beautiful print. It’s 95% cotton 5% spandex and it feels just wonderful.

There’s not much to say about Bonnie – I found the best fit is size 10 for chest and above, grading out to 12 at the hips. I also tried to reduce some of the gathers in the sleeves but I wasn’t overly successful.


When you really love something…

29 Mar

The first shirt I ever made G. was McCall’s 6044 in a blue poplin with white spots. I was super proud of it at the time and G loved it. Seven years later he still loves it but I look at it with horror  – all I can see are the mistakes, the poor stitching, terrible choice in buttons etc. But it’s been wearing thin and just the other week it literally fell apart. But it is G’s favorite shirt and, when you really love something…. he  wanted an exact replica. Luckily the poplin is pretty bog-standard and available in almost every haberdashery.

This time I was extra careful with my top stitching, used flat fell seams for almost everything and chose simple white buttons. And he’s over the moon to have his favorite shirt back. Having made this shirt so many times there really isn’t anything new I can say about it. It’s a great pattern, but I’m looking forward to trying something new next time.


12 Mar

The oak tree is my best friend and I’s favorite tree. She has an amazing tattoo of oak leaves winding up her leg and I dream of having an oak tree spread across my back (except I am much to much of a wuss). So when I saw this fabric available for presale on Bizzy&Boo’s etsy page I knew I had to get some. It is ‘Fallen Acorn’ in a dusky green, organic jersey knit and it is lush.

Because the print is so wonderful on its own, I wanted a simple pattern that would let the fabric do all the talking. In the end I settled on the Kirsten Kimono Tee from maria Denmark which I’ve made myself a few times.

At Christmas I gave my BFF an acorn in a little box with a coded message along the lines of ‘a hint of what’s to come’. Pretty mischievous right?  This is number 4 of my post-Christmas sewing presents. Well the fabric was delayed in getting here, which actually suited me well as I haven’t been doing much sewing. But when it did arrive I was able to quickly whip up the Maria Denmark’s Kirsten Kimono Tee.

I’ve made it for myself a few times now and love the simplicity of the design and the shape. And I think it really shows off the fabric well.  I opted to use a matching neck band; finished the seams with the overlock stitch, and used a twin needle on the sleeves and hem. PS did I mention she’s a shit hot scientist?

Fairfield Button-up Shirt

9 Mar

Second on my list of Christmas presents I’ve made for my nearest and dearest this year is the Fairfiled Button-up shirt from Thread Theory.  I’m a little behind  in getting these finished I must admit! One is for my father-in-law and the other is for my BFF’s boyfriend. fairfield-buttonup-illustrationsIt’s the first time I’ve used a Thread Theory pattern but I really liked the look of the design and the end results I’ve seen floating round the blogosphere. I decided to make version both versions: one with the back darts and one with the gathers.

Both men ended up choosing a interweave cotton chambray fabric from Dragonfly Fabrics. Plus BFF’s boy asked if there could be a splash of red on the inside, so I chose a cherry crimson chambray (from Minerva crafts) for the lining of the collar band and cuffs. The interweave is a little bit heavier than other chambray but I hope it will soften with wear and be quite nice.

In terms of the pattern: I love it. It has both a regular and a large fit, ie good for those supper skinny bean poles and for the more well endowed men. And it really is such a great design.The instructions were super clear and really well laid out.  I loved the ‘burrito’ technique for the shoulder seams which leaves no raw edges or stitching visible! It was the first time I’d ever come across this technique and by carefully following the instructions it came out excellently. I also really appreciated the clarity on how to do the sleeve placket. I’ve only tried this once before and really struggled  but this time my results are pretty smooth.

On my first version however (the one with the red facing) I  slightly f*cked up on the sleeve and side seams. Because I was running low on my matching thread I decided to just use French seams instead of flat fell seams. So without reading the instructions I jumped straight in and did them on a 5/8″ seam allowance. But when it came round for the second shirt I realized that oh no the seam allowance on the shirt back and sleeve back was just 1/4″ while on the front it was 5/8″ and that the seam allowance had already been offset. Which i think means that on the first version i did the back of the shirt and sleeves will be pulling tight. I hummed and hawed for a while on this and decided that as it was all finished and ready to be posted, I’d let him try it on first before unpicking the lot.  I did however get it right on the second version. And the detail of the stitching I am quite pleased with.

In summary: I love this pattern, the instructions are great and the design is lovely. It takes a while to cut out but it is definitely worth it!

Version 1 with back pleat:

Version 2 with back darts:



The Cabernet Cardigan

11 Jan

This year I ended up making most of my Christmas presents. Or at least gave people little ‘gift cards’ indicating what I would make for them when they chose their fabric (with my advice of course) and submitted themselves for measuring.

First up was my mother-in-law. I decided to make her  the Cabernet Cardigan from SBCC – version A (long and box). I love this pattern and after showing her some fabric options, she chose this lovely Garden Tale Jeans Blue – a soft and stretchy Organic sweatshirt fabric by Majapuu Oy. As she often wears white trousers, we both thought it would look just lovely.

I hummed and hawed in deciding the size (and had to remember to look online as the measurements included in my pattern are for the finished deal). In the end I decided to err on the side of caution and went with large. I’m pretty pleased with the final result, especially my pattern matching for the front pockets. I finished all the seams with the double over-lock stitch on my machine and used my pinking shears to trim. As a result the insides look pretty nice too.

However I’ve found it a bit nerve racking having let her choose the fabric, as I worry that it won’t meet her expectations. Fingers crossed she’ll be happy with it!

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