Finlayson Sweater

I've been meaning to make the Finlayson Sweater for G for over a year now. I got him the pattern as a 'Christmas promise' last year and a year ago I even had the fabric and thread required! But it kept slipping down my list of priorities.  I decided to make version 1 which features a... Continue Reading →


Jedediah pants!

It was with much trepidation that I embarked on the Jedediah pants from Thread Theory.  as part of G.'s Christmas present I had promised him a pair. I found some nice black babycord (from Truro fabric) which G liked - when it arrived it felt a bit lighter than I had expected but I think... Continue Reading →

When you really love something…

The first shirt I ever made G. was McCall’s 6044 in a blue poplin with white spots. I was super proud of it at the time and G loved it. Seven years later he still loves it but I look at it with horror  - all I can see are the mistakes, the poor stitching,... Continue Reading →

Fairfield Button-up Shirt

Second on my list of Christmas presents I've made for my nearest and dearest this year is the Fairfiled Button-up shirt from Thread Theory.  I'm a little behind  in getting these finished I must admit! One is for my father-in-law and the other is for my BFF's boyfriend. It's the first time I've used a Thread... Continue Reading →


G. has been after me to make him some new shirts for a few months now. To be fair most of his shirts that I've made him (which now dominate his wardrobe) have been patched and mended and re-patched and re-mended. He really is in need of some new shirts. As McCall's 6044 is tried... Continue Reading →

Pajamas for G.

After Christmas G had some major pajamas envy when he saw how wonderfully cozy my BFF's and my Carolyn pajamas were. So he requested I make him a pair.  Initially he was adamant that he wanted the same fabric as my pajamas but that was more couple cutsie-ness than I could handle. In the end... Continue Reading →

McCall’s 6044

Back when I first met G. he had this simple black shirt, with a Japanese collar, that he looked quite dashing in. In it, he quite swooped me off my feet. But that was almost 8 years ago and the shirt has long been assigned to the rag drawer. Err well it should be assigned to... Continue Reading →

A silky Christmas

When we were living in India a year or so ago, I went on a bit of a silk buying spree. Towards the end of it G. held up one bolt and said he wanted a dressing gown out of it. It was a black and white floral - not my cup of tea, but... Continue Reading →

Looking dapper

It all started with the GBSB. G.watched enough of episode 2, to decide that he would like a waistcoat. So in March for his birthday I gave him a promise  of a waistcoat. He could choose the fabric and I would make it. Ok, actually in reality he wouldn't get to choose the fabric, but his opinion... Continue Reading →

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