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MMM17 Week 3

21 May

Well me-made-may is this week has been wonderful. Mainly because I’m on holiday and have gotten to wear more me made dresses in a week than I normally do all summer in London (well almost). A few years ago I managed to reign in my making of summer dresses, because I don’t really need them. But being here, all warm and sunny, I am overwhelmed with ideas for new dresses – which of course are totally incompatible with London living.


Day 15: I might not have been wearing me made on Monday but I certainly was enjoying packing a suitcase full of it.

Day 16:  I finished my  new Luzerne Trench Coat from Deer and Doe – its a beauty. And felt so well dressed taking Poppy for her morning walk.

Day 17:  I left a cold and wet London early in the morning wearing my newest bonnie top. But  by mid day it was  at the back of the wardrobe as holidaying in the sun commenced.

Day 18: Vogue 8184 perfect for sunny beach days and incidentally the first dress I ever blogged about!

Day 19:  My silk buchanan dressing grown from gather feels like it was made for these hot sunny mornings, lounging on the terrace. I’ve worn it every morning this week!

Day 19 bonus: Spent an evening out, sipping cocktails, eating paella and looking out over the ocean in my very old New look 6774.

Day 20: I can’t get enough of my sundresses. Simplicity 2363 is one of my favourite patterns as i love the bodice and fit. This version i made years ago, after eyeing up the fabric in Ray Stitch  for weeks, but back then pattern matching didnt even occur to me.

Day 21:  I love this rainbow colored zebra print. I knew as soon as i saw the fabric i wanted to make a pair of shorts out of it. And i think it works wonderfully on the maritime shorts pattern from Grainline Studio. I wore these up a mountain today!


MMM17 Week 2

14 May

It’s been another lovely week – a few new makes and a few old favorites. I’m still loving the challenge!


Day 8: Happily pulled on some cozy tights to wear with my jean skirt (moss skirt pattern from grainline studios.

Day 9: I wore my new bonnie top from Blue Ginger Doll. I love this fabric from Dragonfly Fabrics.

Day 10: Woop woop there was sunshine! Spent the day in the garden in my clover trousers (which I later made them into shorts) from Colette Patterns and another kimono tee from  Maria Denmark Sewing. On Wednesday the garden won over sewing.

Day 10 BONUS: In addition to my me made outfit i wore all day, I’m  went out that evening in me made too! My newest bonnie top – this is my favorite neckline!

Day 11: I’ve made quite few of butterick B5354 but this one’s my favorite!

Day 12: Got caught in some serious downpours this afternoon. Up side however was that i took shelter in a grove of trees that matched my linden sweater perfectly!

Day 13: Went out last night for belated celebrations for my new job wearing my new ‘good’ dress: Laurel from Colette. Love any reason to get dressed up!

Day 14:  At Columbia road flower market in my ginger jeans and linden sweater (again) – went a little crazy.

MMM17 Week 1

7 May

Week one of Me-Made-May  2017 is already whooshed right by. And you know what? It’s been really nice to have something to give me a bit of a push to pull out my me-mades. A few things came out of the drawers that I haven’t put on for months, others form part of my basic wardrobe.


Day 1: I started off the week with my Linden sweatshirt. This puffin fabric, from bizzy and boo fabrics, never fails to make me smile. Plus its one of those garments I haven’t taken out of the drawer for months! Booyah!

Day 2: its an oldy but a goody McCalls 6124 in plaid brushed cotton. Plus you cant see them but I wore my ginger jeans as well.

Day 3: Wednesday’s outfit was pretty special as I was wearing my new biscayne blouse (with new rtw suit) to a job interview. Plus had on my favourite rosy lady shorts for good luck.

Day 4: I didn’t change out of my comfortable carolyn pajamas

Day 5: Photographing my new moss skirt and biscayne blouse for the blog and decided that with a cardigan and tights they’d be my outfit for the day. So happy with this bright ensemble!

Day 6: I finished my beatrix blouse and it is amazing! Love this pattern in this fabric. I wore  this top out with my ginger jeans for a night on the town!

Day 7: Enjoying a sunny Sunday walk in my Kirsten kimono tee out of birch organic jersey. Love top – its so comfortable.

Me Made May 2017

1 May


I wasn’t sure until this morning if I was going to take part in Me-Made-May this year. I’ve loved participating the last two years and had decided last year that wearing one me-made garment a day was too easy – in fact I’d planned to make this years challenge all about me-made outfits.

This year however, since I’ve been out of work, I rarely wear me-made.  But as I was sitting in bed this morning checking out everyone’s me-made posts on instagram, my eye wandered up to my clothing rail.  I realised that of the 44 garments hanging in this photo, only 7 are RTW.  It’s not such a high ratio of me-made to RTW in my drawers but still, I’ve been slowly replacing RTW with me-made as it wears out.  So I figured this year, more than ever before I really need to push to wear my me-mades.

So here is my pledge:

 I, Rosemary, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavor to wear ONE me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2017

Fuel for my sewing mojo

3 Mar

IMG_20170227_161904_703.jpgI’ve been a little low on sewing mojo lately. After finished my friend’s fancy dress back in mid January I got started on a few projects (actually they were Christmas presents) but totally lost any interest in sewing. And so they have been languishing in the corner, making me feel guilty every time I see them.

I decided that I needed a little fuel for my sewing mojo and lo and behold: the Spring Knitting and Stitching show! Hurrah – perfect timing. So this afternoon with a tight budget and a detailed list to keep me on track, I set off. And let me tell you, I was very well behaved.

I got myself three denims, from left to right:

  • denim with colored motes 83% cotton/17%polyester to make Gainline’s maritime shorts;
  • unknown denim with estimated 2% stretch for a pair of Closetcase’s Ginger jeans AND the Gainline Morris skirt;
  • dark blue denim 50% cotton, 42% polyester and 3% elastane for another pair of Ginger jeans;
  • as well as some 100% cotton swiss knot for an unspecified top;
  • plus I got myself the Cleo dungaree dress pattern.


Now  I hope to polish of those garments languishing in the shadows so I can get on to my newer and exciting projects.


Blogger Recognition Award

28 Feb

Turns out last month the lovely Emma from Emma and her Machine nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. And I have to say when I saw this last night I let out a small EEEKKKK.


See I first started this blog a few years ago when I was out of work and in a new country. I was sewing a lot at the time but didn’t know many people. I thought it would be a great way to organise my sewing thoughts and document my projects, reach out to people outside my little sewing corner and, well, occupy myself. I didn’t at the time realise how much I would come to love  it. Maybe one of the reasons it was so exciting to be nominated now is that I’m in a similar situation. Back in London, but again out of work. My sewing mojo has been on the ebb as I struggle with job applications. But I’m feeling the inspiration creeping back in. Like Emma I really love the online interaction and encouragement!

My advice to new bloggers is just get writing/photographing.  Don’t worry too much  about perfecting your posts: you’ll find your voice, your strengths and what you enjoy, as you go! And like Emma’s advice: interact with others – it’s the best part of blogging.

Some of my favorite blogs are (I know it’ suppose to be 15 but that seems like quite a long list):

If those I’ve named choose to participate, the rules for receiving this award are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Thanks again Emma!

Getting organised AKA procrastination

7 Jan

I have a fair amount of free time on my hands these days as I was made redundant just before Christmas. As a result I’ve been busy making sewing plans (it proves a wonderful distraction from job applications). Before I dive into the new projects, I decided it was time to get serious about organising my sewing corner.

First up was what the hell to do with assembled PDF pattern pieces.  I have been storing these on clothes hangers and hanging them off the book case, img_6505but for the last year these have been slowly creeping further and further out of my corner. Before I knew it half the wall had disappeared behind them. Solution? Large board backed envelopes! I pasted the picture of the pattern on the front and  now they are much easier to find and I have the whole of the book case back. How do you store your PDF pattern pieces?

Second was storage of bobbins and thread. I’ve been using an old Golden Virginia tobacco tin to store my bobbins but it can get pretty tangled up sometimes. And a large Ferraro Roche chocolate container (they make excellent containers for sewing gadgets) but again they can get pretty messy when they roll about. I was perusing round on Minerva Crafts doing a bit of procrastination before starting a new application when I stumbled across the The Gutermann storage  organiser boxes for sewing thread bobbins (holds 25) and for sewing thread spools (holds 27)! I decided in the interests of getting organised they were a must have! Of course I have much more than 27 spools of threads and I hit upon an ingenious idea. Super gluing upside down screws into one of the Ferraro Roche boxes, thus ensuring I have ample space for all my threads (custom placed of course to accommodate the larger spools).

I got round to hanging my everyday scissors etc from little hooks on the shelves and putting all the random things like knitting needles, pencils and old scissors in my fabulous giant thimble.

img_6509Finally was purchasing some new gadgetry! Namely some heavy duty washers.  Perhaps not the most obvious of sewing toys but I’m going to use them as pattern weights. I’m about to embark on a seriously big scary project with very delicate fabric and I want to avoid  and distortion caused by pins when cutting out my pieces. Plus they can be stored in an old Ferraro Roche chocolate container (I think I’ll need some  more chocolates now)!

Now then, I can really get on with my sewing! Err I mean another job application of course.


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