Me Made May 2018

Me Made May 2018 has come and gone! In addition to wearing a me-made item every day (which I kinda do anyway), I wanted to hear a me-made item (ie two me-made items) at least three times a week. As with the last few years, leisure wear is definitely lacking from my me-made wardrobe. But... Continue Reading →


Biscayne blouse with sleeves

The biscayne blouse really has become my favuorite pattern - I have five of them now. But I knew that I'd need to add some sleeves  to turn in into a year round type of pattern. But I wasn't sure exactly what type of sleeve. I knew what I didn't want - nothing too big... Continue Reading →

Wacky apron – in photos

It only took me flying around the world to visit my ma, to finally get photos of the wacky apron I made her for her birthday in April. She loves the print and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks on her! Next time though I'd put the neck tie at an angle to keep... Continue Reading →

Week 3 #MMM

Third week down of Me-Made-Made and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself this week. I spent four days away for work and managed to wear at least one #MMM item each day (in fact on some days I wore even more!). This despite the fact that the level of meetings required I look particularly smart... Continue Reading →

Wacky apron – Happy Birthday Ma

While I was in Japan I stumbled across this very very wacky print.  I  thought it was pretty wild and would make an amazing apron (and potholders too). And I immediately thought of my mom - it's her birthday. Over the years she's made me quite a few aprons and more potholders than I know... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

So its been a while since I posted here, but I'm back and have been reunited with my sewing machine. I brought back a considerable amount of fabric including some lovely silks, silk-cotton blends, linen and a whole bunch of randoms. As a result my new sewing cupboard is chock full and I have set... Continue Reading →

Fabrics Galore

I had the most mind blowing afternoon today - exploring Manek Chowk market's fabric vendors, in Ahmedabad, India. My colleague helped me navigate the chaos and we explored a range of shops. The main one though that was selling fabric by the meter versus fabric for specific 'suits'  that I ended up going a little... Continue Reading →

All my bags are packed, I’m (nearly) ready to go…

My sewing corner is all packed away and I sadly tucked my sewing machine into its little box with specially shaped styrofoam cushions this morning.  Not that I'm going anywhere, cause I dont have a visa yet! But we do have to be out of the flat soon!   Just before putting it away I rushed through... Continue Reading →

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