New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Um hello 2018? While I did pretty good with my 2017 resolutions (I made myself a coat, more menswear, challenged myself a bit and continuing to build a me-made wardrobe), this year, my resolutions are less about sewing a specific thing and more about expanding my horizons (how corny does that sound eh?): I want to... Continue Reading →


Deer&Doe Givre Top

As soon as I saw the Givre pattern from Deer&Doe, I fell in love. I have a special love of jersey dresses but often shy away from them out of fear of an overly form fitting pattern. But after seeing some really beautiful versions online by women of all shapes and sizes I decided it... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Hits & Misses 2017

Where has the year gone? Seriously, I can't work it out. In the last six months especially life has just flown by, with very little sewing getting done.  It doesn't feel like I've done a lot of sewing this year (compared to previous years). However identifying my Top 5 Hits for this year is easy... Continue Reading →

New Carolyn pajamas

It was pretty much two years ago this month, that I made myself my first pair of Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns. I love them and I wear them all the time, in bed, out of bed, to the shops. But they're getting a bit worn out, I've patched them a few times and... Continue Reading →

Biscayne blouse with sleeves

The biscayne blouse really has become my favuorite pattern - I have five of them now. But I knew that I'd need to add some sleeves  to turn in into a year round type of pattern. But I wasn't sure exactly what type of sleeve. I knew what I didn't want - nothing too big... Continue Reading →

A cosy new shirt

A few weeks ago I made several muslin of Burda 7136 in my first proper attempt at a full bust adjustment. After four attempts I got what I thought was just the right fit: grading between size 10 for the shoulders down to 12 for the waist - plus 1.5" FBA. And so last weekend... Continue Reading →

Pajamas sewn with love

Someone close and special to me is spending a lot of time in the hospital at the moment. Seeing as she's stuck in her pajamas for the whole time, I figured it was important that she had some fashionable and comfortable pajamas. Plus its as close to a hug as it possible when we're in... Continue Reading →

Muslin of burda 7136 – FBA

Seeing as the fabric for my next, and very special, project hadn't arrived in time for the weekend, I decided to work on a full bust adjustment. I made a short sleeve version of Burda 7136 (size 14) a few months ago, in a really fun print. While I love it, the fit wasn't perfect... Continue Reading →

My newest pair of Ginger Jeans

If you read my post a few weeks ago about selecting the right denim for ginger jeans, you'll know that I've been agonizing over the right amount of stretch and size for quite a while. In the end, the denim I chose has about 12% stretch  and I made a size 10. Now that they... Continue Reading →

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