Simplicity 2363

I've had this fabric in my stash for about four or five years, I bought it while I was living in India and even then I knew it was destined to be the Simplicity 2363 dress. I love this pattern especially the shape of the bodice and shoulders, but somehow I never got around to... Continue Reading →


Pattern hack

I'm pretty excited about this project, a pattern hack bringing together various elements I love from different patterns. The fabric is 100% tencil twill I got from Blackbird Fabrics. Tencil has been popping up in my various social media feeds for a while, but its a the first time I've worked with it. Having ordered... Continue Reading →

Alder shirtdress

I've been humming¬†it's the most, wonderful time of the year..... and not because its Christmas in 171 days. But because it is Indie Pattern Month! Woop woop. And week's theme is 'dresses'. Cause I've already prattled on and on about this over on the Monthly Stitch blog, I'll spare you further rambling other than the... Continue Reading →


At last I have finished my second 'It tastes like summer' dress! Just a foot note in my very first blog, and later the focus of much lamenting¬† due to numerous mistakes, this dress has been floundering on various work surfaces and lurking in to-do piles. But I realised with shock that I am heading... Continue Reading →

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