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Alder shirtdress

7 Jul

I’ve been humming it’s the most, wonderful time of the year….. and not because its Christmas in 171 days. But because it is Indie Pattern Month! Woop woop. And week’s theme is ‘dresses’. Cause I’ve already prattled on and on about this over on the Monthly Stitch blog, I’ll spare you further rambling other than the bare necessities.

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress from Grainline Studios

Fabric: Chambray from Higgs & Higgs

Sizing and alterations: Made size 10 which corresponds to my measurements but in future would make size 8 with a FBA. No alterations per se but a used a few different techniques like the ‘burrito’ technique for attaching the yoke so the insides are beautifully clean.





27 Jul

At last I have finished my second ‘It tastes like summer’ dress! Just a foot note in my very first blog, and later the focus of much lamenting  due to numerous mistakes, this dress has been floundering on various work surfaces and lurking in to-do piles. But I realised with shock that I am heading to London on Thursday next week to go to a lovely wedding which is to be said dresses debut. If it were done. If not, what in the world would I wear?

This was enough to kick my ass into gear and thus this morning I have put in the new zip, cut out the bodice lining, using of a variety of scraps, sewed lining in place, slip stiched it all, attached shoulder straps and hemmed it!

And Ta-Da! I’m rather pleased with it. The zipper at the very top could have perhaps been a wee bit tighter but it encourages good posture to ensure  no unseemly gapes. But otherwise, the unintentional seam to the front looks like it was placed on perpous and the hem it quite possible to most accurate one I’ve ever done!



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