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Lakeside Pajamas

19 Sep

These pajamas have been a long time in the making.  See over a year ago Lladybird had a give away on her blog – £100 voucher to contrado, where you can get fabric printed with your own design, and I won! So exciting right? But what to get printed? I hummed and hawed for about a year, it seemed like such an amazing gift, that I didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

As it turns out my niece, who just turned 13, is a pretty amazing artist. She paints, she draws, she’s even started blogging. One of her recent paintings was of this gorgeous little sleeping fox, surrounded by flowers, which she did in watercolors and marker. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make the most wonderful, special fabric and she kindly agreed I could use it. So I got it printed on Pima Lawn 100% Cotton 75gsm,  and the fabric was 137cm by 114cm. I loved the idea of the sleeping fox on nightwear, and the delicate nature of her painting, fit the design of Grainline studio’s Lakeside Pajamas perfectly.


I started worked on them about two weeks ago, but what with work and life getting in the way, I only finished sewing them on Sunday. The instructions, like all of the Grainline studio patterns I’ve used are great and very straight forward. I’ve really taken my time, especially with the binding, and I think it shows. I made size 10 which is perfect for the bottoms, though I probably could have got away with the 8 for the top. But I’m not too bothered, I’m happy with how it feels and looks.

The fabric washed really well and feels just gorgeous but lets face it, I missed the boat for this summer but I’m really ready for next year!


Alder shirtdress

7 Jul

I’ve been humming it’s the most, wonderful time of the year….. and not because its Christmas in 171 days. But because it is Indie Pattern Month! Woop woop. And week’s theme is ‘dresses’. Cause I’ve already prattled on and on about this over on the Monthly Stitch blog, I’ll spare you further rambling other than the bare necessities.

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress from Grainline Studios

Fabric: Chambray from Higgs & Higgs

Sizing and alterations: Made size 10 which corresponds to my measurements but in future would make size 8 with a FBA. No alterations per se but a used a few different techniques like the ‘burrito’ technique for attaching the yoke so the insides are beautifully clean.




5 May

This month I am participating in a little sewing competition hosted by Tools by Hollie. Essentially the competition is to sew an outfit to go with a set of accessories. You get to choose either ‘Bright’ or ‘Black and White’. While normally you’d never catch me dead in the ‘Bright’ accessories, I immediately knew what outfit I wanted to make to go with them. Plus there are some AMAZING prizes to be won.


Last summer I picked up some beautiful yellow Harris Tweed with the intention to make myself a skirt.  Well, this  competition has finally provided the impetus to make it up using Grainline’s Moss skirt pattern. I figure the yellow contrasts nicely with all the pink in the accessories.  For the top, I wanted something bright but abstract and was so happy to find this cotton lawn ‘Artisan Splash’ by Lady McElroy. With such a vibrant print I wanted to use a simple design to show it off and the Biscayne blouse seemed to be the obvious choice.

I made the blouse first. Having used this pattern several times already I was pretty confident with the fit  (I make size small grading out to medium at the hips) and directions (which are supper easy by the way).  Because I didn’t want the print showing through, I decided to skip the breast pocket.. I really took my time ensuring the finishing was just perfect and am so pleased with the final result.

I’ve  used the moss skirt  pattern once before – making a jean skirt in size 6.  For this version however I didn’t want it quite as fitted so I made size 8 and lengthened it about an inch. I spent a long time preparing the tweed – laying it out on the floor and steaming it with my iron.  This is incredibly time consuming as the fabric can stretch when damp so I would steam a section then wait for it to dry before moving it to get to the next section (and then repeating on the other side of the fabric).

The benefit of making the top first was I had plenty of scraps left over to use for the skirt’s pockets, waistband facing and to make bias bind for Hong Kong seams!  It was actually the first time I have ever used Hong Kong seams and I found this Colette tutorial really helpful. So the inside of my skirt is just beautiful!

Because of the weight of the fabric I used the lining for the fly facing and fly shied and on the hem zig-zagged the edge before turning it up just once. I am so pleased with the final look of the outfit!


A new skirt for all my tights

16 Mar

I really love tights. Particularly hose. screen-printed tights. I’ve got about 6 pairs. But very few things to wear with them. The other day I realised what I really needed was a nice little jean skirt. The moss skirt from Grainline Studios seemed like the perfect pattern.

While I was trying to make room in my fabric stash for the fabric I purchased at the Knitting and Stitching show the other week, I found a denim I had bought several years ago and deemed that it is the exact perfect color for the skirt I had in mind. The pattern itself was really lovely and the instructions super easy to follow. I made a size 6 which seemed to match my body measurements. I however made some aesthetic changes and a few additions to make it more like a jean skirt:

  • Flat fell seams and dark blue top stitching thread
  • Rear pockets and belt loops (borrowed from the Ginger jeans pattern)
  • Top stitching around the waist band and slightly on the back of the skirt along the side seams to just below the pockets – secured with a bar tack
  •  Jeans button and rivets

All in all I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I struggled a little with the button hole because of the thickness. In the end (after unpicking the failed button hole three times!) I had to abandon the idea of a  vertical button hole in favor of a horizontal one. It is also a wee bit snug across my belly but not uncomfortably so.

Best of all it looks great with all my favorite tights. And seeing as the weather doesn’t seem to know whether it is coming or going, I suspect they’ll be in use for a few more months anyway!

Week 1 – Me Made May

8 May

Week 1 of Me-Made-May 2016 is complete! Its been a lovely week, especially as it started with a bank holiday Monday. For this year’s MMM I thought I’d write a bit more about each piece I wear – what I like about it, why it gets worn a lot or not as the case may be. My hope is that like last year, I’m able to identify further gaps, better fine tune my sewing habits and also weed out a few items that really just don’t get loved the way they should. There may be a few bonus entries – where I manage to catch my friends and G. in MMM items!

Monday: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios plus bonus BFF in Butterick B5354

I’m quite taken with yellow at the moment. Its not normally a color I gravitate towards, but I’m loving the bright sunny feeling I get wearing it. Having a tan from my recent holiday also helps! I wore my new Linden sweatshirt with puffins to Kew on Monday with my BFF. She was wearing Butterick B5354. We had so much and were pretty much jumping for joy as you can see.

Tuesday: Butterick B5466 (version D)

I really love this skirt – its made out of stretch denim which allowed my to make it slightly more fitted than normal.  I’ve been wearing it a lot  as this winter I fell in love with screen printed tights which I like to match with a simple/plain skirt. I tried making this pattern again in January – making it out of a lovely green fabric (which wasn’t stretch) but the effect really wasn’t the same and I don’t wear it as often – though maybe it will get a little love this month.

Wednesday: Simplicity 2451 (version A)

I was rooting round in my closet trying to decide what to wear on Wednesday when I pulled out this little skirt. It comes from my very early sewing days (long before I even knew what a blog was) but I still love the color! As I pulled it off the hanger, I couldn’t for the life of me remember when I last wore it, and why it hadn’t seen the light of day in probably years. Perhaps it didn’t fit any more? Or I wasn’t keen on the shape? As I put it on both worries were dispelled, it fit fine and I love the shape. The only downside is it tends to ride up as the day progresses, so I’m constantly tugging it down. So even if the rest of MMM is a flop, I will have rescued one item from obscurity.

Thursday: Simplicity 2363 (version B cropped)

I love this pattern and especially that slight adaptation of cropping it and making it into a top . I think both the design and fit look really nice  plus its super comfortable, which means it’s one of my go to tops in spring and summer. I think I need more tops like it – something that is easy to wear yet looks great.

Friday: Clover by Colette (version 2) paired with McCalls M6078 (version B)

These cropped clover trousers don’t get much wear, cause I’m not actually a fan of cropped trousers. This pair is made out of the same stretchy denim as my Butterwick skirt from earlier this week and are really comfortable. But alas they rarely make it out of the drawer. I’m thinking of cutting them off at the knee and making them into a pair of long shorts. I’ve paired them today with a very old McCalls M6078 top. I really love this pattern – its super comfortable yet looks really nice. It’s a regular in my summer wardrobe, so its great the British weather has decided to bless us with some sunshine so it might get worn a few times!

Saturday: Maritime Shorts from Grainline Studio and Kirsten Kimono Top from Maria Denmark plus bonus evening out in another Kirsten Kimono Top and G. in McCalls 6044

I love these shorts sooo much. I spent the day playing in my garden wearing these and my Kirsten Kimono top, though at what pont I got so hot I had to change into a tank top (not me-made) – alas I dont have any me-made tank tops. Later we went out for pizza and I changed into a different Kirsten Kimono top and G. wore is lovely black shirt I made earlier this year.

Sunday: Rosy Ladyshorts from Cloth Habit

I was just about to lament about how I’m not wearing any me-made items today when I realised that I am: my pants are me-made! I love this pattern and have been meaning for ages to make myself a ton more. They’re very comfortable and look quite cute too.

My BFF’s birthday Linden Sweatshirt

25 Apr

It’s my BFF’s birthday and because I love her so much I’ve made her a Linden Sweatshirt (which is my new favorite pattern). Back in January I saw this amazing fabric on Bizzy and Boo’s etsy shop (‘Rain Drops’ from Lillestoff Organic Sweatshirting). I mean how cute is this? You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s two different fabrics – the raindrops run up the right hand side of the fabric and the hippo repeats up the left side.  Anyway she loved the fabric and really wanted something out of it.


Initially I wasn’t sure which pattern would best utilize it. Because of the repeat, the fabric is sold in .6m increments. After making my two Linden Sweatshirt last month (here and here), I knew it was the pattern for this print and I could just about squeeze out a size 6 with this amount of fabric provided I used something else on the sleeves.

I figured the hippopotamus would go on the centre front, with the raindrops on the back and on the waistband and cuffs. After a little mix up with an order, Natasha from Bizzy and Boo gave me 1/2 meter of this plain grey marble organic sweatshirt for free (yahooo) which is an almost perfect match so I used it for the arms (cutting against the grain). Now because I cut the arms against the grain I took the drastic decision to stay stitch along the neckline of the sleeves as I was worried it would stretch out of shape awfully quick.It still has a little bit of give.

I made a tiny OOPS when I managed to accidentally attach the waistband so that the raindrops are upside down. But as it took me a day to notice, I doubt many others will. Also because i used the ‘stretch stitch’ on my machine, its horrible to unpick and I figured I might damage the fabric. I hummed and hawed for ages about whether to use the plain grey, or the raindrops for the neckline. In the end because the raindrops are so large, I decided they wouldn’t quite fit, so went with the plain grey.

It came out fantastically – I am so pleased with how it turned out and she loves it!

She sent me these two pictures – yea happy birthday girl:

There are puffins on my Linden!

27 Mar

So for this months challenge we’re working with trends #sewhotrightnow. But I am not very good at spotting trends until they’re on the way out the back door. Hence going with a more enduring trend: the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio. The  fabric is 100% organic and from Bizzy and Boo on etsy. It feels gorgeous and didn’t noticeably shrink in the pre sewing wash.

Anyway the Linden Sweatshirt is my new favorite thing in the whole world. I made my first one yesterday (it’s that quick to sew). And then had enough time in the evening to whip up this one. The bright yellow background and cute print cheers me up no end. Spring is here whatever the weatherman says!

I didn’t change anything on the pattern and sewed it just as I did yesterday. The only hiccup was that the contrast ribbing stretched a bit more than desirable or I stretched it with the twin needle –  so the neck is bigger than ideal. It still looks fine, and lies nicely, its just a bit bigger. Oh well, lesson learned, neck time when using more stretching ribbing I’ll make the neckband a bit smaller.




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