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Pajamas sewn with love

14 Oct

Someone close and special to me is spending a lot of time in the hospital at the moment. Seeing as she’s stuck in her pajamas for the whole time, I figured it was important that she had some fashionable and comfortable pajamas. Plus its as close to a hug as it possible when we’re in London and she’s not.

While as surprise is always fun, I figured  I’d best get her input into what design she wanted: short sleeve, high round neck, descent hem length, something out of a stretch jersey, and bottoms with an elasticated waist. After a little searching I found just the pattern: Kwik Sew K3144 (version B with short sleeves).

As soon as I had the pattern I knew the exact fabric I wanted to use:  Art Gallery – Nightfall Moon Stories Spark Knit which I got from Dragonfly Fabrics. I love the print and I hope she will to (I decided even if the pajamas themselves weren’t a surprise, at least the fabric will be). I really wanted good quality fabric which wouldn’t loose its shape after one night. And I’m pretty pleased with this jersey – it feels just lovely.

Size wise I made the top a medium and the bottoms a large – there’s nothing worse than being constricted by your pajamas especially when they’re all you’re wearing. The pattern and instructions are pretty darn easy and straightforward. And I finished then in under a day. Ideally I would have added a few nice finishing touches, but they need to be ready to go today, so I followed the pattern exactly as instructed.



16 May

Seeing as I had the Bonnie top pattern still out, I thought I’d quickly whip up one more. This time out of a lovely jersey (I think 95% cotton 5% elastane) I bought last year at Raystich. My me-made wardrobe doesn’t have many plain tops but that’s what I often reach for on lazy days. They’re also handy for putting together me-made outfits.

I’m really pleased with how the top turned out and love the color.

Bonnie Top

13 May

I really love the Bonnie Top from Blue Ginger Doll and my previous versions in yellow and crazy geometric print get worn a lot. Because it is such a comfortable top I often reach for it in the morning, but at the same time I think it looks ace and often wear them out in the evening. So it was Bonnie I had in mind when Dragon Fly fabrics had a little sale in November and I purchased this beautiful print. It’s 95% cotton 5% spandex and it feels just wonderful.

There’s not much to say about Bonnie – I found the best fit is size 10 for chest and above, grading out to 12 at the hips. I also tried to reduce some of the gathers in the sleeves but I wasn’t overly successful.


Another Bonnie top

5 Nov

I’m not suppose to be sewing for me. I have a top secret project I’m working on with a friend and G. has been begging for some new shirts. But….. I had the pattern right there and the fabric sitting on top of the chair. What could I do? Besides the Bonnie top is super fast to sew, just two hours.

The fabric is a lovely knit I got from Girl Charlee (90% cotton and 10% spandex) and it feels wonderful. As I really loved the fit of my previous Bonnie, I kept the sizing exactly the same (size 10 for bust and above, grading out to 12 at the waist and hips). The only change I made was to slightly reduce the amount of fabric in the shoulder of the sleeve so it wouldn’t be quite so gathered. And I think it worked out just right – a little gathering but not too much.

I think print really suits the boatneck style and I’m quite pleased with the final result.


Autumn colors

30 Sep

In the last week it really feels like autumn has arrived and with it my desire for snuggly comfortable fabrics, in warm colors. Perfect timing then as Girl Charlee in the UK is having a massive sale until Sunday.

I really should have a child lock on my internet – one that is set to impede fabric buying late at night. As on Tuesday night I went a little wild and ordered myself four new wonderful knits and they arrived in the post this morning! Opening the package up, I was struck by how beautiful all the colors are together and how very autumnal they are. To be on the safe side I bought two meters of each as I’m planning a few cowl  neck, long sleeve tops and the cowl is a fabric eater.

From left to right they are: white pin dot on navy  (cotton rayon blend knit), heather burnt orange (100% cotton jersey knit), brown maroon orange mod circles (90%cotton 10% Spandex knit) and mustard yellow (95% cotton 5% spandex). I can’t wait for the weekend to get started!


Kirsten Kimono Tee

6 Jan

During my lovely Christmas break I finally got around to making the Kirsten Kimono Tee from MariaDenmark (which you get for free when you sign up for the newsletter). I’d printed it some months back but never got around to assembling it. When I did it was a breeze, though I’m always somewhat irked when the seam allowance is not included.

I was a tiny bit worried that the sleeves would be too ‘kimono-y’ as I have little shoulders and they can get lost when the shoulders drop over… So I decided to do a test run using some very cheap jersey I picked up in Walthamstow market back in June.  I really love the speckled effect and figured it would be great for a comfy, layabout t-shirt (thereby meeting a need identified in me-made-may).

I used a small zig-zag for all the seams and finished them with pinking shears and a slightly larger zig-zag. And I used my twin needle instead of sewing in the ditch for the neckband, as well as  to finish the sleeves and hem. This fabric tended to roll which made all the hemming a bit tricksy but I got there in the end. I’m pretty happy with how my mock turned out – its definitely wearable (though there is a bit of a wobble round the neck). Bada-boom bada-bing – it only took 1hr 26min first go round.

As it was such a breeze to put together I thought I’d get straight onto my next one using this fun Birch fabric I got from Bizzy and Boo a few months ago. It’s amazing how nice it is to sew with good fabric. The only changes I planned to make were to add about an inch to the bottom to allow myself to make a proper hem.

It was progressing nicely until I broke my twin needle – gah –  GRRRR.Then I realised that the neck was all out of shape – I assumed because I had made the neckband too long. So I unstitched it all and redid it. Bing bang boom, the real problem was the neck was  stretched all to hell. Bugger-shit-fuck. I probably should have stay-stitched the neckline but the pattern didn’t suggest it so I didnt bother.  Tears ensued. The threat of a tantrum loomed – time for tea.

I ended up cut the 2nd neck band off and putting in a gathering stich at the front and back, before basting a new (and slightly smaller) neck band on. This worked a treat and I think it looks really nice actually.


3 Jan

I decided the first project for Bernie, my new sewing machine would be Butterick B5354. I’ve made this top countless times for myself and friends. Most recently I made it for  my BFF using some gorgeous Birch fabric from Bizzy and Boo on etsy. I  loved it so much, and thought the fabric went with the design so well, that I’m gonna be a copycat and make myself an identical one. I’ve made mine a size 8 (even though my measurements indicates size 12) because the pattern is quite large I find.

I figured it was a good top to use while cutting my teeth on my new machine – as I could spend all my time figuring out the sewing machine directions, not the pattern directions.

To start of with I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how the needle threader worked. I was determined to figure out this first step and not resort to eye squinting and manually threading the needle. In the end I had to google it and watch a youtube video about five times before I was successful. I won’t bore you with what I’m sure is a riveting tale of getting to know my new machine. Essentially Bernie is a beaut to sew with and I have a lot to learn. But my top turned out marvelous!



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