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Lago Tank

5 Jun

A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful pile of fabrics on Raystich’s Instagram account. I especially liked one of the fabrics: a cream organic cotton knit.  The softness, color and design reminded me of childhood undershirts (not that I was ever posh enough to have organic undershirts). And so yesterday, while shopping purely for thread, I thought I’d have a quick little peak at the fabric. And somehow 1 metre of it ended up coming home with me. Oppps.

I knew I wanted a tank top/undershirt of some sort and was pleased to stumble across Itch to Stitch’s FREE PDF Lago Tank. I’ve  blended sizes: size 4 for the armholes/straps, size 6 for the bust, back to size 4 for the waist and again out to 6 for the hips. I’m not sure whether it was the recovery/stretch of the fabric or the ultimate fit of the top, but I’m certainly glad I didnt choose a bigger size! But I’m pretty pleased with it – it’s not going to rock the world of fashion or anything but it’s comfortable! I think it will make an ideal tank top for wearing on lazy weekends or under button down shirts (which can be then stripped off in the sun!).







Sunshine & lollipops

31 Aug

blue ginger dollSeveral months ago I picked up this fantastic organic interlock knit from Bizzy and Boos Fabric. I knew right away what I wanted to make with it: version B of Bonnie by Bluegingergirl. The only question was what fabric to use for the neckline and waistband. Having bought fabric a number of times from Bizzy and Boo, and knowing that Natasha was quite good at making recommendations, I asked for her help recommending the right shade of yellow ribbing. She suggested the ‘gold’ ribbing would be a nice, somewhat muted match. And it works perfectly together I think.

Version B has a scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeves and is cropped at the waist. The pattern is supper easy to follow and very quick to sew. I used a ‘jersey’ needle (80/12) on my machine – I would have liked  smaller one but that’s all I had left in my stash. And used the overlock stitch for all the seams, coupled with a twin needle to finish around the neck and sleeve hem..

Based on my measurements I was somewhere in between the 8 and 10. I decided to cut the 8 and, if need be, let out the side seams a touch around the waist. But only once I had cut it all out did I realise that it only had  a 1/4″ seam allowance which doesn’t give any wiggle room.

Cropped waists aren’t really my style as I like my tummy well and truly covered  and I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I chose the cropped option. I mean it looks super duper cute with my low waist ginger jeans but really I’d never wear it. In the back of my head I can hear my ma admonishing me that my kidneys are going to get cold. It does however make me  think of sunshine and lollipops and roller-skates

So I decided to lengthen it. If figured to make it look intentional I’d unpick the ribbing and attach a new band. I  cut out a 6 1/5″ band of the stripes (but on the vertical) for the front and back, and joined these at the side before attaching to the top, and then reattaching the ribbing. However in the process of unpicking it I definitely stretched the top piece and I’m not pleased with how it looks with the panel. Rather irking as I love the fabric. I suspect you’ll be seeing quite a few more in the months to come, through  not the cropped version.

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There are puffins on my Linden!

27 Mar

So for this months challenge we’re working with trends #sewhotrightnow. But I am not very good at spotting trends until they’re on the way out the back door. Hence going with a more enduring trend: the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio. The  fabric is 100% organic and from Bizzy and Boo on etsy. It feels gorgeous and didn’t noticeably shrink in the pre sewing wash.

Anyway the Linden Sweatshirt is my new favorite thing in the whole world. I made my first one yesterday (it’s that quick to sew). And then had enough time in the evening to whip up this one. The bright yellow background and cute print cheers me up no end. Spring is here whatever the weatherman says!

I didn’t change anything on the pattern and sewed it just as I did yesterday. The only hiccup was that the contrast ribbing stretched a bit more than desirable or I stretched it with the twin needle –  so the neck is bigger than ideal. It still looks fine, and lies nicely, its just a bit bigger. Oh well, lesson learned, neck time when using more stretching ribbing I’ll make the neckband a bit smaller.




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