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Jedediah pants!

25 May

It was with much trepidation that I embarked on the Jedediah pants from Thread Theory.  as part of G.’s Christmas present I had promised him a pair. I found some nice black babycord (from Truro fabric) which G liked – when it arrived it felt a bit lighter than I had expected but I think it will make a nice pair of summer weight trousers. Because I was a bit daunted, after I had the pieces all cut I left it sitting in the middle of the living room for over a week! I actually had them mostly sewn up in April but the man was away and I wanted him to try them on so I could perfect the length.

I’ve only made one Thread Theory pattern before (the Fairfield Button Up Shirt) and really liked her instructions. But for these pants/trousers I found them a little hard to follow at times. Especially for the fly – the corresponding images aren’t always next to the instructions and  maybe I was having a brain-fart day but I found it hard to to figure out what I was suppose to do.  I have to say I didn’t find the YouTube video which accompanied the sew-along much help for the fly – it didn’t have the level of detail I needed.  In the end my fly is actually quite good although my top stitching is appalling. But the man is unlikely to notice and on the black fabric its almost impossible to tell. It would also have been nice if there had been a top stitching guide for the the fly  as well as marks for where it is best to place the button loops.

That being said I did like the way the waist band facing was put in and the added detail of having contrast binding. Again it took me a little while to get my head around what I was suppose to do, but it worked out pretty well. With practice I’m sure I’ll make some really nice pants/trousers in the future. I’m thinking some nice chinos in burgundy or a royal blue. I made the size 40 which is the biggest size the pattern goes up to – they fit a bit smaller than RTW trousers and at the waist they are a bit of a squeeze. Because the waist button will be taking so much pressure I decided to add a hook and bar. Next time I may make the waist a wee bit bigger – I think I’ll be able to get some breathing room by simply reducing the seam allowance on the side seams.


Rosy Ladyshorts

4 Sep

Oh yes: Rosy Ladyshorts. That’s what I made on my Friday evening. I think it took less time than shopping for a pair of new underwear.

For years the only image I had of home made underwear was something unfitting (and unflattering) and featuring alot of gathers. A bit like the knickers  I made my sister back in January (she assured me they are fantastically unpractical).

But I recently stumbled across Cloth Habit’s free Rosy Ladyshorts pattern and it was love at first sight. I downloaded it a little while ago but wasn’t sure where to go. As usual the ladies on the Monthly Stitch Facebook group came through (where would I be without them!) with their suggestions including: English Couture Company, Gypsy Lace, and tia knight. As English Couture was the first suggestion and I was feeling impatient I ordered my goodies from them. But heaven help me because Gypsy Lace had so many gorgeous things I got into quite a tizzy.

Anyway, I got myself some two way stretch cotton jersey and some stretch lace. I found it a bit hard to tell the colors from their photos, so I was gambling a little that these two would go together. But I was super happy when they arrived (very quickly after ordering I must say ie a day or two).

The undies came together really quickly and simply. There’s a handy online construction tutorial to accompany the printout should one need it.

The moment I finished I whipped them on and was amazed to see that they actually fit. I made the size 6 (waist 28″ & hips 38″). And they looked real and proper and all! Seriously I paraded through the house in them! I am chuffed to bits. Pants! Undies! Whatever the hell you call them, I made them myself!  My only mistake was I accidentally put the seam of the lace waistband at the centre front (not the back). But who’s looking eh?



The read test will be tomorrow when I’ll actually wear them out and about.


19 Jan

PIMG_8807ant-astic. The blog name was on the tip of my tongue before I’d even finished paying for the knicker making kit. It’s terrible and corny but that’s the writers prerogative right? And I mean what else springs to mind when you eyes perchance fall upon this bit of fun?

In December I was in Brighton visiting my BFF and of course we decided to just have a quick look in Ditto fabrics for some flannel for pjs. We didn’t find any but we did find a whole lot of other things. Among which was this alluring You CancanSew Panties Complete Kit.

I’m anticipating a few nervous giggles at this stage.

Chalk it up to the Christmassy, BFF day out together, mid week vacation silliness but I thought this would be brilliant for my Sister’s Christmas stalking. I know the idea is probably to give the kit to someone for them to make it themselves but lets face it – it would sit collecting dust and besides I thought it would be fun.

I eagerly opened package up when I got home. Its cute but perhaps not terribly user friendly? I find cursive print challenging to read and the instructions on various pieces of paper did lead to me quickly packaging it back up and putting it to the side. I had scarfs to knit after all and as my sister lives on the other side of the world we are pretty flexible with when we do Christmas stalkings (anytime between October and March is a go).

But as I do actually want to get this out of the way before I move onto other things this evening I thought I’d open it back up. Upon actually reading the instructions I can see that its pretty straightforward (though it strains my eyes).

So in a few short hours I’ve rustled up version A (the simplest). I have to say I am not a fan and probably wouldn’t buy another of her patterns nor make these again. They’re cute I guess and a bit of a novelty (I can’t actually see my Sister wearing these on her average day). Hopefully they’ll fit or at least provide some giggle material.

P.s have you ever tried to photograph underwear? Its really tricky to get a have decent shot.



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