Jedediah pants!

It was with much trepidation that I embarked on the Jedediah pants from Thread Theory. ¬†as part of G.'s Christmas present I had promised him a pair. I found some nice black babycord (from Truro fabric) which G liked - when it arrived it felt a bit lighter than I had expected but I think... Continue Reading →


Rosy Ladyshorts

Oh yes: Rosy Ladyshorts. That's what I made on my Friday evening. I think it took less time than shopping for a pair of new underwear. For years the only image I had of home made underwear was something unfitting (and unflattering) and featuring alot of gathers. A bit like the knickers¬† I made my... Continue Reading →


Pant-astic. The blog name was on the tip of my tongue before I'd even finished paying for the knicker making kit. It's terrible and corny but that's the writers prerogative right? And I mean what else springs to mind when you eyes perchance fall upon this bit of fun? In December I was in Brighton... Continue Reading →

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