Ogden Cami

I have at last joined the cult of Ogden Cami makers. I admit I wasn't initially drawn to the pattern but having seen some truly wonderful versions on Instagram, I thought I'd have a go. Last summer was so hot and most of my RTW tops are so old they're not really appropriate for anything... Continue Reading →


DIY cutting table

I've wanted a cutting table for ages, cutting out on the floor kills my knees and back and because of the dog, I generally have to vacuum first. Back in December I finally decided to splurge and buy myself the Horn Cut Easy MK2 table then I found out they were out of stock and... Continue Reading →

Scrap patch bag

My mum over the years has made me a few tote bags using scraps of denim, lined with various scraps, and they are just so skookum. I thought I might copy the idea, use up some fabrics and make a few Christmas presents. As it turns out, I only managed to make one but it... Continue Reading →

Christmas Pajamas

A few Christmases ago I made the Mr some lovely plaid flannel pajamas using Simplicity 3971, they looked great except they were huge. We both could fit into the pajamas with room to spare. As a result the Mr has been hinting that he'd really like another pair. When I saw the beautiful Robert Kaufman... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolutions 2019

Hmm resolutions, they're a funny concept right? This year I pretty much failed in keeping all my 2018 resolutions: I didn't really sew outside my comfort zone, I didn't take any classes, and I have only done the smallest amount of hand sewing. While I did do a clean up of my blog here, I... Continue Reading →

Top 5 hits & misses 2018

I really love doing a round of at the end of the year and looking at what worked well and what didn't (and why). Since I started doing this, I think it's helped me avoid pitfalls in pattern or fabric choice, and make more garments that I love (and wear). The real hits this year... Continue Reading →

High waisted ginger jeans

This is my sixth pair of the amazing Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Patterns. What can I say?  I love this pattern.  There really isn't too much to say that I haven't said on previous versions (from left to right: vs B, vs A, vs B, hack & hack: I've learned however that the choice... Continue Reading →

Vogue V8597 pullover top

Vogue V8597 is an old favorite, but I haven't made it for many years as it requires so much fabric to create to lovely cowl collar.  But I bought this fabric from Girl Charlee years ago with this pattern in mind specifically. I really loved the color, however once I'd got I realized that it... Continue Reading →

Pleated pencil skirt

So last month after making my Buttonless shirt dress, I had just enough fabric left over to make myself a pleated pencil skirt from Delia Creates. I've made this pattern a few times before. But this is the first time I've used a stretch fabric and not lined it - and I have to say... Continue Reading →

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