Another Francoise dress

After making my last Francoise dress, I immediately cut out and started another one. I had the perfect fabric in my stash, which I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching show years ago. I had seen the fabric before and talked myself out of buying it, but couldn't stop thinking about it, so was... Continue Reading →


Me-Made-May reflections

Wow where did May go? And how the hell are we in the middle of June? It's pretty clear from MMM that my favourite patterns are the Ginger Jeans and Biscayne Blouse. But how did I do on my pledge to not only wear my me-made, but wear the underappreciated me made items, repair or alter... Continue Reading →

Francoise Dress

My exploration of new Indie pattern designers continues and at long last I'm trying out a Tilly and the Buttons Pattern. I really loved the raglan sleeves and french darts of the Francoise dress, but despite having the pattern and fabric on hand for quite a few months now, the need for a FBA put... Continue Reading →

Me-Made-May week 3

A bit late on my round up of week 3 of Me-Made-May and I didnt do quite so well this week in wearing or addressing reasons why certain things don't get worn. But I promise to be better next week! 15th - My favorite Biscayne blouse and my new Sasha trousers 16th -  Two rarely... Continue Reading →

2nd pair of Sasha trousers

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Sasha trousers, I had a 2nd classic stretch twill from Style Maker Fabrics  in my stash in 'Nautical' blue and was really excited about having a pair in this color.   While I made size 12 last time with quite substantial adjustments, I thought it may be... Continue Reading →

Me-Made-May week 2

Week 2 of me-made-made has gone well and I wore a few of under-loved or infrequently worn items, rehomed one Some have been rehomed, I made  small changes to one which will increase how often it gets worn, but for some I just needed a reminder that I liked how I look in them. 8th ... Continue Reading →

Me-Made-May week 1

This me-made-may is about more than trying to make sure I wear me-made items every day (I pretty much do that anyway). I want instead to use it to dig out my unworn or underappreciated me-made items. Do I just need a reminder of what is buried in the closet or are there certain things... Continue Reading →

Suùn blouse

The Suun blouse caught my eye on Instagram a few weeks ago - I loved the use of pipping around the neckline. And I knew I had at least two fabrics in my stash that would work perfectly for the long sleeve version. P&M is a new-to-me and I was excited to continue trying out... Continue Reading →

Regency ballgown

Who hasn't watched the old BBC adaptation of Jane Austin novels and not wanted to prance about in a regency ballgown? Pride and Prejudice was a regular movie in my childhood, to the point were the old VHS is almost worn out. So when my BFF,  told me last September that tickets for the Edinburgh... Continue Reading →

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