Regency ballgown

Who hasn't watched the old BBC adaptation of Jane Austin novels and not wanted to prance about in a regency ballgown? Pride and Prejudice was a regular movie in my childhood, to the point were the old VHS is almost worn out. So when my BFF,  told me last September that tickets for the Edinburgh... Continue Reading →


Hazel Dress

2019 really seems to be the year for me to step outside my style comfort and try new things (and new Indie designers). The pussy bow on this dress is definitely not my usual style, but I really loved Allie's blue and white version and decided it was exactly what I was looking for. See I got... Continue Reading →

Sasha trousers

I've had a love affair with the Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case Patterns for years - I've made maybe six or seven pairs. I swore I'd never need another pattern. I've tried to make a 'smart' version, out of black cotton stretch twill - they looked nice, but not quite a smart as I... Continue Reading →

Fulton Sweater Blazer

I was pretty excited when I first saw  the Fulton Sweater Blazer - I just loved the collar and oh the pockets, for the love of pockets! Digging round my fabric stash I found this 'Bordeaux' Melange Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt fabric I bought at Ray Stitch yonks ago. With careful pattern placement I had just... Continue Reading →

Olivia Wrap Dress

For a while now, I haven't really been into wearing dresses. Many of my old favorites no longer fit and I have been shying away from styles I use to like. When I saw Sleepless in Bavaria's version of the Olivia Wrap Dress from Named Clothing, I thought I'd give it a go. She looked... Continue Reading →

Ogden Cami

I have at last joined the cult of Ogden Cami makers. I admit I wasn't initially drawn to the pattern but having seen some truly wonderful versions on Instagram, I thought I'd have a go. Last summer was so hot and most of my RTW tops are so old they're not really appropriate for anything... Continue Reading →

DIY cutting table

I've wanted a cutting table for ages, cutting out on the floor kills my knees and back and because of the dog, I generally have to vacuum first. Back in December I finally decided to splurge and buy myself the Horn Cut Easy MK2 table then I found out they were out of stock and... Continue Reading →

Scrap patch bag

My mum over the years has made me a few tote bags using scraps of denim, lined with various scraps, and they are just so skookum. I thought I might copy the idea, use up some fabrics and make a few Christmas presents. As it turns out, I only managed to make one but it... Continue Reading →

Christmas Pajamas

A few Christmases ago I made the Mr some lovely plaid flannel pajamas using Simplicity 3971, they looked great except they were huge. We both could fit into the pajamas with room to spare. As a result the Mr has been hinting that he'd really like another pair. When I saw the beautiful Robert Kaufman... Continue Reading →

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